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Let's work together to multiply your revenue and profits. Use our know-how. Because you also deserve to grow your business exponentialy. 


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Your people can do so much more with the right tools. Empower your people with innovative technology to boost results immediatly.


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One integrated solution platform. Open API. Easy to use apps. Fast results. Implement world wide and adapt to local markets. Top services.

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Everybody says that our live demo by webinar is the most valuable course on automating business growth they've followed this year. We provide it for free.  Just subscribe. 


platform and services

the affordable modular choice for every business, from world wide operating enterprise to small business

POS & e-commerce

b2b, b2c and b2b2c

The Point Of Sale solutions platform for restaurants and retail. An eco-system of modular, integrated apps and hardware. Multi lingual. Cashregister, fiscal data module (=blackbox) certified, online sales and online order, self service kiosks, loyalty, cashmanagement, stock management, integration with accountacy, product management solutions. We offer complete solutions including all  hardware.

A.I. Powered Marketing Automation

marketing automation made simple

Our Artificial Intellegince powered Marketing Automation and Sales Automation solution enables communicating with a customer via every available channel. This is the most comprehensive platform available on the market. It gives a wide range of possibilities, which you won’t be able to find in other Marketing Automation & Sales Automation platforms. Using this creates a big competitive advantage and a very high return on investment.

Business Intelligence

better decisions and more profit

B.I. Apps (Business Intelligence Applications) are important tools for every company. No matter if we talk about microdata, small data or big data. Business intelligence analytics apps in combination with Artificial Intelligence have become vital to find answers based on realtime data to many questions any leader in business is confronted with - on a daily basis. This allows for business and financial decisions that can be made with more confidence.

A.I. Powered Marketing Automation

apps & more

Communicate with your visitors and clients in a personal way, about what they care for at the right time so they are happy to buy more often, buy more value, and they are advertising your business to their family and friends.
The platfrom features over 650 solutions for marketers dealing in any business, on any market. Learn about all of its capabilities. If you are ready for an adventure with marketing automation but feel a bit lost, get in touch! We will guide you through the process of implementing priority solutions tailormade for you.  

Business Intelligence

apps & more

B.I. Apps (Business Intelligence Applications) in order to know your customers. Integrated with Point of Sale solutions, e-commerce and A.I. powered marketing and sales automation.
Know your customer. Knowledge is power when smart leaders use it for excellent execution.  Business intelligence (BI) reveals insights from your data in an excutionable way. When you keep a spreadsheet for past sales and to estimate future sales, this is BI; on a very limited scale. 
Expand your boundries and step away from the past. Use a modern solution that enables you to generate expertly designed, stunning reports; visualize results; and share those results. You need to be able to ask questions of your data in plain language and get answers you can understand.

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integrations & services



We're building the most innovative, modular, solution platform for you. We love to work together.  That's why so many other software companies decided to work with us and together we've created wonderful software integrations, most beneficial for you as a cliënt. Get in touch and lets talk.    


Zapier is one of the largest Internet platforms used to integrate various applications and automate data exchange between them. Integration allows data to be exchanged between our solutions platform and any other application linked to Zapier.

Direct integrations

Our Open API's allowing for functional integrations with many third party solutions. Idea's? Get in touch. Let's talk.