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Discover on this page our story and our purpose and why it matters to you.
Explore our values, vision, mission and motto. Discover some references and some of the key people.

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Why it matters to you, our story and our purpose. 

Our purpose is about your success.

We love you, as an enterpreneurial soul. 
Because we are enterpreneurs ourselves and we know that you're just like us, utterly CRAZY, PASSIONATE and DETERMINED to make this world a better place to live in. 

Success is the advancing achievement of a purposeful goalsprogram.

story: it's an indefinite game

Business is an indefinite game to play. Think about it. You are the one determining the playing field, local, national, continental or global. You are the one determining the way it's played, the rules it's played by. You are determining your strategy and the used tactics. And you're free to change instantly. You don't have to grow with 10%, 15%, you can decide to grow with 50%, or 100% or even 200%. You can't afford to wait. Take action now. Shedule that demo

business is always changing

Fast access and furious execution of the best ideas, leadership and resources are key to play the game of business at the highest level.

Resources such as know-how, talented teamplaying people and the most powerful tools. Tools for building, expanding, growing, strengthening your business that are innovative, easy to use, fun to work with and mastered fast by the users. 
Be the master of change in your own company.


Together we achieve so much more!

New perspectives, Higher Levels, Together


Let's make it happen!

To develop and grow the partner companies and the client companies with hands-on cooperation, education and solutions.


Maximize your growth. 

To be the business development partner of the most innovative solution providers for b2b2c driven organisations and commerce that are customer value driven in order to maximize growth.


We believe that you, an enterpreneur, a value creator, you deserve to enjoy the benefits of success.  


value for you


Ethicaly, moraly & humanly respectful in all interactions with people and business

Passion, thrive, zest

respectful, timely, open communication

Love for people ♥

Customer focus trough the full value chain


partner in commerce

to strengthen you and your organisation

We are partner in commerce for three types of enterpreneurs: our clients, our partners and our associates
 Clients are both big and small companies in Europe and Asia, that want to grow their turnover and profit fast.
Partners are companies that provide solutions for growth that we can over to clients.
Our associates are independent experts that provide solutions and services from partners to clients.

associated experts

people that help people grow commerce™ is an organisation of associated independent business development experts.

They all have worked international, mostly in Europe and Asia. 
Some things our people have in common: years of experience, an active interest in innovations and new technology.

Every associate has agreed upon our Code of Honor. 


Know-how in action makes all the difference. The  winning organisations are those who put their peoples knowledge and skills in swift action using the most advanced tools. Swift action, execution, is key.   


Below a handful references of companies, using solutions of our partners.   


Organizations need to be increasingly flexible and responsive. We provide you with the flexibility to hire the best qualified business development, marketing, sales and IT experts for your projects. We provide the know-how, the people and the tools at the right time.   


Luc Schmid

senior associate

Luc has been executing the function of general manager for over thirty years in several companies. Early in his career, as a testpilot-engineer for Honda UK (back in the 197x's), he has abundantly empowered the 'need for speed and accelleration' and the vital importance of quality driven assesement. Characteristics that still drive him in every endeavor, to achieve highest yield in optimization and maximization.


Tom  Commeine

senior associate

Tom is passionate about commerce, about strengthening and growing your business. He truly lives the filosofy of his mentor Zig Ziglar: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. He's definitly an enabeler, making things happen. He executes disciplined and with vigor. Next to that, Tom's a thinker and an educator. He loves to lift people up to a higher level, to the next horizon with one motto: Let's make it fabulous!

Walter Van Hoolst-Matthyssen

senior associate

A committed, pro-active and result-driven senior manager with a highly successful background in operations, the definition and implementation of new processes, products , tools and new business development. Committed to achieving and exceeding demanding targets, business objectives, tight deadlines and deliverables. A motivational and inspirational leader who enjoys being successful and who thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working environments.


Senior Marketing Advisor

Daniel is an expert in marketing automation and sales automation and he knows all the tools on the market inside out. He's been educated by some major companies on this field.  In 2019 he joined as an independent associate with and he's adding an extra dimension to our solution platform and services.

Didier & Annah

Senior Associates

After his studies, master in economics, Didier started his own company, then a second company, worked soon with >20 people, and then sold it. Then Didier started a new adventure and built a large, international sales organisation. Annah also built around the same time an international sales organisation. Since about a decade now, they joined forces. As true leaders, they love to share their knowledge and are willing to coach every new associate to the same level of success and beyond.  

Associated experts

know-how, skills, and a zest for action

The number of associated experts is growing. Together we have an exhaustive network of expertise. In line with our values, we also have a clear vision for our associated experts: 
To be the association of the best independent commerce experts that provides a structure with opportunities, systems and solutions for achieving all their dreams in the fastest and most pleasant way. 


Our headquarter address:™
Tom Commeine
Gwijde van Dampierrestraat 5, 
BE-8820, Torhout 
Belgium, Europe

Phone: +32 468 512 347

VIES: BTW-BE0761.209.478